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ProSang is used today at more than 180 blood centres and several clinical immunology and transplantation departments in Scandinavia. ProSang is a fully flexible system for transfusion medicine and adjacent areas such as clinical immunology, transplantation immunology and tissue / cells. ProSang can by configuration be adapted to most ways of operating, from a fully automated process to highly specialized manual procedures. ProSang can function as a stand-alone LIS or as integrated with other laboratory information systems. Regardless of whether the system is run as a stand-alone or not, ProSang is available with all its features for the benefit of donors, production-of-blood units, and laboratory testing in all areas of transfusion medicine, immunology and transplantation disciplines. Lately ProSang has been adapted to support donation, procurement and transplantation of tissues and cells.

ProSang manages the full processes within areas of operation:

  • From the moment a blood donor wants to book a time for donation of blood until the blood is reported as transfused in a patient.
  • From starting a transplantation investigation through HLA-typing, selection of donors, stem cell collection and transplantation.
  • The full spectrum of analyzes are supported, from a simple variable to the most complex investigation.
  • The full process of tissue handling is supported, from donor evaluation to transplantation.
ProSang and Databyrån complies with laws and specifications issued by governmental health authorities in Scandinavia and with the EU directive. ProSang also holds a CE certification.

Databyrån - the people behind ProSang

Databyrån AB is a company with one focus – ProSang. Founded in 1965, and with a great deal of input from our clients, we develop, improve and expand ProSang ever since. After more than four decades in the business we are a leader in software development for transfusion medicine and related areas in Scandinavia. Our sphere of satisfied clients and users works in the fields of transfusion medicine, immunology, transplantation immunology as well as in tissue establishments. We take great pride in the close relationships we have with clients and users. The primary factor behind the success of ProSang is the influence of our clients on ProSang development. They ensure that ProSang incorporates the latest technical and functional developments. The secondary factor is the service level that our clients and users can expect from Databyrån.